NAR: Statement, December 2008 – Ανακοίνωση ΝΑΡ στα αγγλικά

Be aware of what has happened so far,
unite and continue our struggle!

The murder in cold blood of the fifteen-year-old student has been just the occasion for the outstanding youth popular uprising that was about to follow. This uprising was triggered by the accumulated rage against the long-standing exploitation and oppression and the undermining of the present and the future of the new labor shift which have been caused by constant government attacks against labor, education, salaries and the very concept of life. This uprising expressed the rage and the contempt of working-class families against the upper-class policy which steals from the former what is theirs! It was joined by the multidimensional crisis of contemporary capitalism and the decline and crisis of capital’s neoliberal ideological dogmas. The decisive, collective and constant uprising has an international impact!
The conservative neoliberal and social democrats European governors and co-governors express their fears about a possible migration of the spirit of this revolt to other European countries, being aware of the fact that the Greek youth and popular uprising is a link in the chain of youth and labor-popular uprisings in western Europe and that the policy of the Greek government which is guilty for this revolt is identical with their own policy! This is why they are now forced to postpone the education reform in France and react against the first initiatives of solidarity with the Greek movement within their own countries!
The strength, the duration, the extent of the movement, the popular solidarity to it as well as the participation of wider parts of young workers, besides university and high-school students, show that there exist the conditions and possibilities for continuing and deepening our struggle! This is a goal worth fighting for! We should strengthen our struggle by coordinating and continuing students’ movements!
We aim at meeting, coordinating and fighting together with the radical, undisciplined, rebellious and subversive tendencies that exist within the contemporary working class and the oppressed population!
We support these forms of organization and struggle of the massive movement that promote direct labor democracy and independent means of labor policy! We support demonstrations, strikes, shit-ins and various forms of independent struggle, so that a labor popular opposition will emerge which promotes issues of education, labor and democracy in relation with each other.
–          We demand that the murderers should be punished in an exemplary way and that all Greeks and immigrants protestors who have been arrested should be set free!
–          We demand that the police should be disarmed and the special repression forces should be dissolved.
–          We demand that every law-obstacle against the right to strike and protest and the laws against terrorism voted by the governments of PASOK, ND and the EU should be abolished.

Collective decisive struggle for:
·         Abolition of the laws and plans of recognition of college-degrees! Overthrow the education reform law and all anti-education laws.
·         Fight against the Education and the Health of the Market! All social goods should be public! Capitalists should pay for the crisis!
·         The sum of the 28 billions of euros should be given to workers, farmers, young people and low-middle class people!
·         Socialization of the profits – Stop the nationalization of the damages!
·         Overthrow the income policy and the National Collective Contract signed by GSEE!
·         Abolition of every form of flexible labor relation.
·         Total insurance for every young individual directly after graduating.
·         1400 euros should be the first minimum salary – overthrow the income policy
·         30 hours of labor per week.
·         Dismissals should be prohibited – 1400 euros should be the unemployment allowance
·         Overthrow the government of blood!

We aim at overthrowing the government of Nea Dimokratia through grassroot and left processes and struggles of the movement! In case the government falls under the pressure of the official opposition (PASOK, central left), the future will be bad for workers and young people!
We show no tolerance to PASOK which competes with Nea Dimokratia in terms of who will be a better representative of ‘security’, a more effective state and the ‘politics of poor-house’ which they have been promoting since 1985!
New Left Current addresses to people who struggle and to the Left through its political positions, aiming at uniting and continuing the movement and uniting the labor movement with the movement of students and young workers.
The official Left proves to be politically inadequate once more!
The official Communist Party instead of fight against the government of Karamanlis, it facilitates its policy through its charges against SYRIZA and the anticapitalist left. It has distanced itself from the uprising of the people and it is even praised by the government for its support. SYRIZA on the other hand supports the movement but at the same time it leads the movement to a sort of relaxation through its request for elections! It constantly changes its stance during critical moments of this struggle (e.g. GSEE strike), playing the role of the manager within the EU.
NAR proposes that we start building now the pole of an alternative anticapitalist revolutionary Left which will be inspired by and will inspire the movement –instead of trying to lead it- which will unite the independent subversive and revolutionary left, which is required in our times, creating new potential for the future and will not immobilize the movement through divisionary practices!
This is a perspective worth fighting for by the people and the Left!
These political goals can become the basis of the unity that is needed for the action of the Left.

Those –the bourgeois and the political representatives, those who are not hungry, declare austerity measures!
Those who steal from us ask for sacrifices!
Those whose policy is our real opponent!
Those who together with the government of Nea Dimokratia burn our dreams and the hopes of the new generation!

The class interests of industrialists, ship-owners and capitalists lie behind the government of Nea Dimokratia, the EU and the whole bourgeois political system. The usury of bankers and the stolen wealth lies behind ‘banks’.  The hate against the violation of our needs, the suppression of the government and the EU lie behind the justified hate against police stations. Society’s one third is pushed violently through arrests and murders to the fourth world of poverty and misery!
The society of profit and exploitation, the society of the market and ownership is the sole mover of this revolt!
The path leading to the collective struggle of young people and workers is in front of us. We can win! We can pave the way to another society of international communist liberation.

Athens, December 2008
Νew Left Current – ΝΑR

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